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Secure Your Intellectual Property on the Block with TitleChain.

Turn Your Intellectual Property into Digital NFT IP Assets for Ultimate Security, Digital Rights, and New Revenue Streams

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Joley Michaelson

“TitleChain will completely revolutionized the way we protect and monetize our IP assets. It is a game-changer!”

Joley Michaelson (CEO, The Sun Company)


Guaranteed security, digital property rights and provenance.

TitleChain harnesses blockchain technology and a smart digital registry system to protect your intellectual properties in a safe, unchangeable digital vault. With TitleLock, you get top-notch transparency and traceability, allowing you to easily track ownership, history, and details of your IP assets, licenses, royalties, and earnings.

“As a blockchain professional, I believe that absolutely everything will become tokenized in the future, from reward programs to digital securities. While there are many Web3 tools and platforms out there - most are not built around security and privacy. TitleChain truly stands out with its patented security model. Highly recommended.”

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Pierre Gaudet (CEO, PhilanthroBit)

Guaranteed security, digital property rights and provenance

Convert your intellectual capital into digital NFT IP tokenized assets.

TitleChain is a cutting-edge platform that helps protect your digital assets. With TitleChain, you can turn your intellectual property into NFT IP digital assets, which are securely registered and validated on the blockchain. This makes it easy to license, distribute, and transfer your assets to web3 marketplaces and exchanges. Plus, by using TitleChain, you can tap into new revenue streams in the blockchain world, earning more money for your assets. Don't wait to secure your assets - use TitleChain to TitleLock them today!

“As a strategic partner we are uniquely positioned to scale TitleChain's Digital Asset Registry with AI Cloud/Edge workloads 10-100x within our sustainable hyper-scale data center in Wyoming.”

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Darrick Horton (CEO, VMAccel)

Convert your intellectual capital into digital NFT IP tokenized assets

Easy to use, secure and accessible.

Experience the convenience of Titlechain, designed for individual creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. Our user-friendly app and web platform streamline the process of registering, securing, titling, storing, and managing your intellectual property. Embrace the ease, accessibility, and affordability of TitleChain for all your IP management needs.

“Using the blockchain to deploy my art as NFTs has been an amazing opportunity for me. I love creating stories and characters, and I want to make sure my ideas are protected. With TitleChain, I can now register my creations and prove that they're mine, which gives me peace of mind and makes me feel more confident sharing my work online. I also love that I can inspire other young artists to showcase their talents and use these tools to protect their own work.”

Feature Review

Teresa Melvin (Founder of AvaRamona, Speaker & Featured Artist NFT)

Easy to use, secure and accessible

"We are committed to delivering trust, transparency, and security while driving standards to support the fundamental right for "self-sovereign identity, property rights, and privacy by design."

Pamela Norton
(CEO, Founder TitleChain & Borsetta Labs)


What is Titlechain?

Titlechain is an innovative platform that combines the power of blockchain technology with intellectual property (IP) management. It enables users to securely protect, manage, and monetize their IP by converting it into unique digital NFT IP assets. These assets are stored on the blockchain, ensuring their security, traceability, and transparent ownership. TitleChain simplifies the process of licensing and distributing IP while also creating new revenue opportunities by connecting IP owners to the growing world of web3 marketplaces and exchanges.

How does Titlechain work?

Titlechain works by allowing users to register their intellectual property (IP) or company IP assets after completing an Identity Attestation and verification process. Once registered, IPs are converted into unique NFT IP assets, which are secured on the blockchain. Users can then manage, track, license, and distribute their NFT IP assets through web3 marketplaces and exchanges, tapping into new revenue streams in the blockchain world.

What are the benefits of using Titlechain?

Titlechain offers multiple benefits, including secure protection of intellectual property through blockchain technology, simplified management and tracking of IP assets with TitleLock, transparent ownership and traceability, easy licensing and distribution on web3 marketplaces and exchanges, and access to new revenue streams in the growing NFT and blockchain markets.

Is Titlechain secure?

Titlechain offers top notch security. By combining blockchain technology with our patented protocol, sovereign identity, and trust anchors, we create a safe and user-friendly environment for your intellectual property. This approach ensures secure storage and transparent ownership of your NFT IP assets while protecting them from unauthorized access.

Why join our private beta?

Joining Titlechain's private beta waitlist provides early access to an innovative platform for securely managing and monetizing intellectual property using blockchain and NFTs. By joining, users will benefit from exclusive features and upcoming new features, the opportunity to shape product development with their feedback, and a head start in leveraging new revenue streams in the fast-growing NFT and blockchain markets.

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